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For patients who wish to straighten their teeth without the use of traditional metal braces, Legacy Dental offers Clear Correct, an invisible aligner system that provides different options for teeth straightening. Similar to Invisalign, Clear Correct uses a series of custom-designed trays to gradually align your teeth into the correct position. However, unlike Invisalign, Clear Correct offers a wider range of treatment options.


Did You Know?

Clear Correct is made from a material called Zendura. Zendura is the ideal material for clear aligners because it is crack resistance, stain resistant, able to form to the tiniest details, and can move the teeth under applied force while maintaining its shape.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Am I candidate for Clear Correct?

If you are looking to straighten your teeth and want an alternative to traditional metal braces,  then you may be a candidate for Clear Correct. Clear Correct works well to correct widely spaced or over crowded teeth, as well as a misaligned bite such as overbite, under bite, or cross bite. To find out if Clear Correct is the right treatment for you, schedule a consultation with Legacy Dental today!


Is Clear Correct treatment expensive?

The cost of Clear Correct is generally comparable to other orthodontic options, however this cost will depend upon the details of your treatment. However, some dental insurance plans may offer partial coverage for Clear Correct and Legacy Dental offers a variety of payment plans to assist with the cost.


Does Clear Correct treatment hurt?

Patients who have undergone Clear Correct treatment usually report lower levels of discomfort as compared to other orthodontic methods. Because Clear Correct utilizes plastic aligners fitted to your teeth, they are more comfortable than traditional metal braces whose wires and metal brackets can cause irritation. Although some patients experience mild discomfort when switching aligners, this is usually short-lived and dissipates within a day or two once your teeth have adjusted.  


What can I expect during Clear Correct treatment?

Before your Clear Correct treatment can begin, our dentists at Legacy Dental will evaluate your teeth and discuss your treatment goals. Then, they will take x-rays, digital photos, and impression of your teeth to send to the lab to fabricate your aligners. Once your aligners are delivered back to our office, your treatment can begin.


During your Clear Correct treatment, you will wear your aligners at all times, minus when you are eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing. Every few weeks you will visit our office so we can check your progress and give you your next set of aligners.


What Clear Correct treatment options are available?

Depending on your treatment goals, Clear Correct offers three main options for treatment:

  • Limited 6: Contains a set of six aligners and works to make minor adjustments to the full arch of the mouth.
  • Limited 12: Contains a set of twelve aligners to make additional adjustments to the full arch of the mouth.
  • Unlimited: Contains an unlimited set of aligners to make adjustments to the full arch of the mouth for up to three years.


How long will Clear Correct treatment last?

Your Clear Correct treatment length will depend upon your individual case, however most cases can be treated in approximately six months to one year.


What can I expect after Clear Correct treatment?

After your Clear Correct treatment ends, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain your straight smile. Clear Correct offers retainers that are just as discreet as their aligners. Our dentists will provide you with guidelines on how often to wear your retainer to maintain your results. It is very important to follow these guidelines to prevent your teeth from shifting after treatment.


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